Lilliputians world

One day you decide you want to live it all,
you grow taller, you enter a city, you carry your own rules in a basket, you design everything from scratch. You plant your own grocery and flowers, you play play play, and then you drive through the streets, you put out a fire, you become a doctor you save your precious doll’s life. What a stress! Suddenly you are hungry, you go shopping, you bake your own pizza and then you remember… your dogs! …you go feed them and pet them and put them to bed and then… you are tired, so tired, what a couch potato you wannabe! You end up in a kennel, that’s it, you call it a day!

You’ve left your own mark!!! What a day!

One day I will create such a world! Stay tuned…


_MG_4961 cropcityscape1_MG_4979

_MG_4989 _MG_4962 flower








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